New panniers ready, shirts printed, bikes adjusted, everything weighed.

On Thursday we start our biggest ride yet with a cycle to the local station, two UK trains, the Eurostar to Paris and a 30km ride in rush hour (no longer routed around Notre Dame). What could go wrong? Oh yes, thunderstorm forecast.

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Australians who cycle in Europe.

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  1. Hi guys. They say the first day of any new beginning/adventure is always the hardest and your first day sure sounds like it. You both shall be u in our thoughts. We fly to NEw York on Sunday excited in seeing our daughter and family.

    We attended Sandie Affleck’s funeral yesterday and toasted her farewell with lots of champagne at Caves House. Sandie had faith that she would beat her cancer by drinking lots of 🥂🥂champagne
    Love her style. Noel was surrounded by many fellow brigade mates and loving family.

    Hugs and love to you on the start of another wonderful cycle 🚴‍♂️🚴🏼‍♀️and we look forward to reading all about it soon. 🥰🥰barb and John.


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  2. I’m just enjoying reading the book you lent me by Anne Mustoe. I think whenever we embark on a ride we should remember her efforts prior to mobile phones, gps apps and all the extra help we can get now in planning our rides. She really did venture into the unknown.
    Will enjoy following your journey again.
    Wishing you safe and happy riding and fair weather with the wind at your backs.
    Take care. Jen & Greg

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