Ride Day 15 – Bourbon-Lancy to Viry – 73km

After a day off in Bourbon-Lancy to rest, and cycling into town for dinner the second night in a row, we were ready to leave. Not a place you would spend a long time but OK for a quick look. Tatty outskirts, but nice centre and we had two good meals, best value so far for a restaurant- three courses for €19.

Here is the route. Flat for the first 50km and a fast ride until we hit the hills.

Lovely canal path riding, passing over one bridge, Julie could see someone approaching from behind by bike. As we went to single file, an 85 year old went speeding by, baguettes in basket. We were doing 25, so he was flying. Then we noticed the battery! We also saw this on the canal – this is so rare, it’s the first one we’ve seen for several hundred kms.

We reached Digion for a rare coffee, the place was full of long distance cyclists. Some very expensive – often electric – bikes. Photo by some Scots we’d seen passing by a day earlier. We said goodbye to the canal much to Tony’s irritation at Paray-Le-Monial. That slowed us down a lot with many hills to climb.

The countryside was just gorgeous, a good route through small hamlets and narrow lanes and when you could see over the hedges, the views were lovely.

We reached our rather remote accommodation at 5. First place with a pool and it was overcast! Our host Christine did a load of washing for us which then gave us time for a swim and beer (Christmas beer). Her daughter is in Washington selling Buxy (tomorrow’s destination) wine to America. We had a very good nights sleep in a very good bed with no traffic noise whatsoever. This was a taste of living in the French Countryside. Could have stayed here for an extra day but the itinerary beckons.

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