Ride Day 16 – Viry to Buxy – 69 km

The pleasure of cycling has increased over the last days and today it’s been pretty perfect. Mixing it up is the way to go. Early morning front ended hills are better than end loaded ones. Such a challenge for the sore legs. 900m of hills before coffee!

Climbing hills has the benefit of awesome scenery and the joy of flying down the other side. This we did many, many times. A handful of cars, great route on very good roads.

Cluny was having it’s Saturday market. We picked up various delicious looking bits to eat sitting on the grass outside the Abbey.

Tony rested while we traipsed around the enormous abbey, head of the Clunisian order, with 10,000 monks and the largest Church outside Rome. Most of the church destroyed during the French Revolution, but various buildings scattered throughout the town. A drawcard for Americans, we found the most expensive nougat outside Heston Blumenthal’s pantry.

We then headed north to Buxy. This cycle path forms part of the Voire Verte 1 – the first off road cycle path, transformed in 1973 from an old railway line. France now has 28,000 kms of off road cycling. Considering the millions who use these every year including a massive portion of tourists, it’s easy to understand why this country has got the gist of why cycling tourism is a good thing.

We passed Chateau, vineyards and lovely small villages but we wanted to get to Buxy at a reasonable time. We thought the surface on this path better than the roads.

Arrived in Buxy in time to visit the tasting centre and sample a few whites. Great way of understanding an area. Wines are getting better as we head towards Beaune.

Finally arriving at our accommodation – above an antique shop where the delightful and eccentric owner has found that spare items can just go into the bedrooms! Nowhere to put your gear (and we travel very light). Breakfast in the garden, which Julie’s Father would have a fit over.

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