Ride Day 20 – Besançon to Geney – 73km

When organising accommodation for this trip, it wasn’t always easy finding a place that fitted in with the daily kms. Today was one of those. When downloading the route to Ride With GPS Duncan was concerned that at the end of a long day, did we really want a 5km climb. We agreed there wasn’t much option.

We didn’t have the breakfast at the hotel as it was €13.50 each, so being in a large city, we found a place around the corner where we had fresh baked chocolate croissants and coffee and bought a chicken baguette, total €10.20. That was us fixed up for the days food. managed to leave at 9.15. In any city in Australia, the UK or the USA, a city would be buzzing with noise and activity at 9.15. It was Monday. Dead. Saw one bus and a handful of people.

Within 5 minutes we were on the cycle path EV6 again. Citadel below behind us as we leave.

Today was just as good as yesterday. Fast, smooth and very quiet, other than for travelling cyclists, people out for a morning ride and fast cyclists. We were passed dozens of times by a fast whizzing sound as a fully Lycra wearing streak of colour went past. The speed limit is 20kph on this route. These guys were doing well over 30. This went on for the first 40kms. The surface is so good, it’s no wonder they take advantage of it.

We are cycling the Doubs Valley of which the EV6 goes through. We’ve picked up a small book containing much information which we will take home should anyone want to to give it a go. From Beaune to Mulhouse would make an excellent week’s riding with a couple of days in the key towns and cities. We saw about 200 cyclists today, maybe ten cars at the end and only three boats.

Found a decent coffee stop at 11.30. Lycra clad riders were also there – and they were drinking beer! Cyclists were the only customers. Found a shady picnic area for lunch on the river for a good break. Another guy was there from Saltsburg, on his way home after a month. He was pushing 80 and was camping. He reckoned this stretch was superb and we agreed.

We reached our accommodation at 4. Well worth the trudge up the final 5km. Hamlet of 125 people. Host brilliant. Cold beer on arrival, took our clothes for washing, cooking us a meal – what more could you want – a swimming pool and a room with a Moroccan feel!

Bed and asleep by 9.30. Up at 6 for early breakfast and an 87 km day into Mulhouse. It’s going to be very hot. Fingers crossed the trees are with us all the way.

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