Ride Day 22 – Mulhouse to Colmar – 61km

Well, the Tour obviously had difficulties with the weather and reduced their ride. We increased ours. We were ready to leave when a thunderstorm hit Mulhouse. Lightning and heavy rain hit about 9.15. Finally eased at 10, with another block coming in. We set off in the “gap” between the storms. On the left in the green area (big hills) is a Mountain Bike Route. We took the EV5. In the opposite direction from Canterbury to Rome. Again, really clearly marked and 95% off road on good tracks.

Mulhouse had been interesting. It has supposedly improved dramatically in the last ten years. There were quite a few bio co-ops about and some wine bars and all the major stores were present in a large pedestrian centre. We were staying ten minutes from the centre in what can only be described as very basic accommodations. Located in a newish building, already showing signs of decay in the Arab, Muslim neighbourhoods with associated stores. Last night was 34 degrees and with no aircon, pretty revolting. as shown on the BBC website, only 5% of France has aircon compared to 82% of Australia. That may well change.

We feel like we left France back in the Doubs Valley as this area has such a different feel And obviously more German. However, we found some excellent Italian Enotecas and admit to enjoying the service, wines and food from Italy a great deal.

So off we go. After the heavy rain, it was like cycling in Singapore. Luckily, today was almost all downhill but for a few bumps. We extended our ride to cover more of the Wine route but after 18 kms, we were still getting this ….

But after an hour or so, it turned to this ….

We went through some lovely towns and villages. We found coffee and lunch quite easily on route and found what turned out to be the only pic-nic area all day but it was shaded and there were benches. This statue appeared on the edge of one town.

The town below is Rouffach, which at lunchtime was empty.

We arrived in what Julie is unkindly calling Chinese Disneyland. We last visited Colmar in 2006. It has gained enormous popularity since and even Duncan says its gone beyond the pleasant visit. It’s impossibly pretty but almost every shop is tourist based. We just hope that we find some unaffected towns and villages between here and Strasbourg. We are staying just behind the yellow building on the right in an apartment which is very well equipped.

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  1. After all the challenges looks like you are coming to towards the end of an amazing trip. Hope there are some good memories and pride in again completing the challenge. Nigel x


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