Ride Day 23 – Colmar to Barr – 56 km

Someone switched off the heater and switched on the tap. Rained all night and was still drizzling when we left Colmar. Amazing that when you are living with high 30s everyday and it drops to 20, everyone gets their jeans and coats on. Just like at home.

Colmar was a very pretty town with plenty to keep you occupied without the need for the endless tour shops. Museums and wineries within the city “walls”.

We didn’t need to worry about keeping warm as someone had decided to spice things up a bit with the hills. Just goes to show that 22 days of riding doesn’t make you fit for hills. Very hard slog up some, walking even and the damn wind didn’t help. I’m sure the bags are getting heavier.

We trudged along until we got to the highest climb and this was needed to reach Riquewihr. A return visit, having first been there in 2006. We stayed in the town then. It was much quieter then than now, as crowded as Colmar. As Lizzy has just said in an email, some towns and villages are dead and others are packed due to being in a tour book of the best spots to visit. We found a cafe we had been to previously and had a good coffee and quite awful piece of tart seemingly made with the cheapest of ingredients and I’m sure made to increase profits as it was €7.

You certainly see some sights! We are not sure how he is helping this poor lady!

Passed through many gorgeous towns. It would have been nice in the sunshine but the vibrant colours of the buildings help to brighten it up. Sunday, so of course the 50+ wineries we passed were closed. Never fear Father, there is a case on its way to you from Colmar!

Car Rally, food festivals, wine fair, more rain, restaurants that were full but we finally found a place that we could eat and get out of the rain. Had those flammekueches, which are very similar to a very thin pizza but instead of tomatoes and mozzarella, they use large amounts of creme fraiche. Haven’t seen too many slim locals in the Alsace so far!

The rain came and went and Duncan decided he was going to wear his new cycling poncho – it was like riding behind a frill necked lizard or something reminiscent of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Not sure it kept him dry in strong wind. I kept on my rain jacket.

On reflection, due to the towns being so close together with lovely paths in between, I think a walking holiday would be excellent in this area. It’s such a treat for the eyes as there is so much to see on every turn.

Arrived at 4pm to our grand looking hotel on the edge of town. Julie so exhausted, she flopped on the bed immediately and fell asleep. Finally went to dinner at 7 and found a small local restaurant serving quite delicious food and good wines. Very reasonable too.

The sun is out now for our ride to Strasbourg and with any luck, wineries will be open today as well.

Published by Duncan & Julie

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