Ride Day 28 – Merzig to Luxembourg 71 km – 1047m

We are now entering the fat burning stage of the trip. None of this namby pamby cruising along rivers and canals for a while. We have swapped to the overland river to river system. Saar, over to Mosel and over again to Alzette. There were some shocking inclines on this and there was a lot of pushing, swearing at legs which wouldn’t perform and panting.

We woke to rain in Merzig. Chucking it down. Duncan had work to do and after a German breakfast, which was delivered to the room and in true fashion, enough for breakfast and lunch. Julie made rolls from the cheese and ham, we ate the cereal, yogurts, fruit, fruit juice, croissants, coffee. We left the sausages, jams and preserves! The rain stopped, we packed up and left at 10.30. We climbed out of the Saar valley for the first 10 km. Good job we had a good breakfast!

We then found ourselves unexpectedly back in France – hadn’t spotted this when planning. Duncan did a fine job of avoiding any busy roads. In fact, the great thing is that now the cycle paths are subpar, the roads are fantastically maintained and even some new roads going through many areas. Saw virtually no cars.

So, we are now on the ride along the border, literally, top of the ridge, France on the left, Germany on the right. Wind turbines whizzing around and marvellous sculptures leading the way. Stones on the Border – created in 1986 with many countries contributing. Unexpected and just fabulous riding other than the head wind.

Then we dropped down to the Mosel and completed about 10km of the ride we did with Nancy, Rick and Tony two years ago. At the start of that ride, just prior to Perl, there was a border check. I think Rick took a photo at the time (where the mini Eiffel Tower was). Anyway, someone obviously decided they didn’t like it or what it represented.

We then came across the CHAIR. Just the two of us this time.

A stop in Remich for a good coffee and shared Tiramisu at a proper Italian restaurant. The Italian owner was very entertaining and enthusiastic on seeing our trip and proceeded to tell everyone in the restaurant. We managed to escape and then the climb out of the valley west which wasn’t any fun at all. Great route once up and just lovely scenery along an old railway track. A handful of road cyclists in small pelotons enjoying the steep inclines but no other touring cyclists.

So many cycle routes Criss crossing. Plenty to keep a day cyclist happy in this region.

Duncan had planned the route into Luxembourg City around the forested path alongside the river. This was just glorious riding and what a gift for Luxemburgers. Walkers, skaters, cyclists – so peaceful. Imagine if you had this around the inside of the M25.

Amazing properties just sitting under the cliffs around the edge. Not sure I fancy that but I guess they’ve been there a long time.

We then approached the climb into the city. Flipping heck, just what you need afte a long day. Tony did warn us. Roadworks abound, we rode across the bridge we shouldn’t have and arrived at our very peaceful, top of the cliff hotel – no road noise. Ten minute walk into the city. Had a rather mediocre meal at the hotel as too stuffed to go far. Tomorrow is a rest day so we can explore then.

View from hotel garden.

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  1. All that slog looks worthwhile. Lovely view.

    Not nearly so hot now and intermittent showers But very pleasant. Good tennis weather.

    Madly organising our kitchen refit. Everything being ripped out 2nd September.

    Got a couple of days with girlfriend in Suffolk next week after Isle of Wight last week. It was very relaxing.

    Enjoying following all Posts!!!

    Love Louise x

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    1. Showers here too Louise. Luxembourg turns out to be quite lovely. Not many tourists, understated elegance about it and nowhere near as expensive as first thought. Coffee twice as big, twice as good and half the price of the Alsace. Definitely worth a revisit. Enjoy your tennis and enjoy Suffolk. Love Julie xx


    1. Yes, it was. Today not so flash – good until we left Luxembourg, then a bit average. A lot of it on a main road in road works – with no work. Weather overcast which is comfortable, but doesn’t improve the scenery. Looking up now we’ve arrived and had a bath 🙂


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