Ride Day 31 – Dinant to Namur- 37 km

This is what all rides should be like – flat and short. Set off from our grungy accommodation with no breakfast and happy to go. Found a lovely little patisserie in Dinant for coffee and pastry.

Dinant was the scene of a civilian massacre in the First World War and was instrumental in US involvement.

Also the birthplace of Adolphe Sax and there is also a museum dedicated to the saxophone.

Quick look around before taking a very slow ride to Namur along the River Meuse. Our shoes are still wet but we have clean dry clothes on thankfully and a stack of damp filthy gear.

So relieved to be back on the flat. Legs very tired from yesterday’s marathon but now realise it was the edge of a tornado that hit Luxembourg. In this respect, we were actually lucky as seeing the news it was so strong it was ripping rooves off buildings. We wouldn’t have been able to ride in that at all.

We are now cycling back on part of the EV5. The track runs along the river all the way and is a mixture of cobbles, concrete and some smooth bits.

We can see this is a very upmarket and wealthy strip of river with some lovely old mansions and the odd Chateau. This is where wealthy Brussels people retire. There was 20km of this so clearly there is plenty of money about for some.

We were so leisurely today, we even stopped for a salad at lunchtime. Believe it or not, this is Duncan’s first Belgian Beer – seriously.

We felt we needed to relax and take it easy for a change. Below is Chateau de Dave – it doesn’t sound so bad in a Belgian accent.

Arrived Namur, found the tourist office and then onto our accommodation. Bart and Valerie – a lovely young couple relatively new to this B&B adventure, a new start after Valerie almost died from meningitis two years ago. Attic room but very large and modern. Fans of Master Chef, Valerie cooked us a lovely traditional dinner. We bought a bottle of wine in town to have with them. Very interesting to hear how things are in Belgium. They tax you for putting in Solar Panels!

And for Oddity of the week we have this. Kathmandu obviously thought the Belglums needed cheering up, so they opened a chain of these ….

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